Skype chat response


On January 15th our class had a Skype call with Charis Walko, a stem cell researcher in Vancouver. She has a degree with stuff relating to liver stem cells and has done multiple drug screenings. During the Skype chat she explains to the class about what exactly she does for her job. I was not there during the discussion but I did get a chance to watch a brief video of some of the questions being asked and answered. I would of liked to been there for the discussion because the Skype chat would of been a good way for me to ask any questions I was unsure about before the test.

Questions asked during Skype call:

1) “What types of diseases can be treated with Stem Cells?”
Answer: “Lots and lots of diseases can be treated, and right now there are about 80 diseases that can be treated with stem cells, and most of them are associated with blood disorders, like leukaemia or embryonic. Blood is one of the stem cells which is actually easy to put back into the body. In order to come up with other diseases that can currently be treated with stem cells is also cornea disease, but there is lots of research to try and see if we can renew muscle, or neurons in the brain.”

2) “What was the biggest controversy with stem cells?”
Answer: “The embryonic stem cells controversy, which is the research of embryo cells. Most people question the ethnics of this and believe the research is done involving the development and destruction of human embryos”

Electricity mind map



Electricity Questions
#1. Why is coal a good producer of electricity?
#2. How is electricity made?
#3. How does electricity flow?
#4. What is the best way to make electricity?
#5. How does electricity not shock birds when there on the power lines?
#6. How does static electricity actually work?
#7. What is the difference between parallel and series electric currents?
#8. Why do two opposite charges attract and not two of the same charges?

1.2 Investigating Matter

Matter is made up of everything and anything, your made up of matter, an apple is made up of matter, it is made up of anything with mass or takes up space. Matter is made up of atoms and molecules. The terms of changes of state are evaporation, sublimation, condensation, and solidification. Easy ways to remember these are evaporation: liquid to gas so remember evaporation by water evaporating into the air. Condensation: a gas to liquid so remember from the water on the window when it’s foggy outside. Solidification: liquid to a solid just think of ice cubes in the freezer. Sublimation: solid to a gas and I just remember this one I don’t have any examples. The Kinetic Molecule theory is when a gas with a lot of atoms or molecules are constant moving in a random direction.