Solution to Climate Change


Location: Downtown Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

Date: Taken on May 28th, 2012

Description: A photo taken of “Bike to work day” in Ontario. Shows people riding their bikes to work on the streets of Downtown Toronto.

Effectiveness: Encourages people to ride their bikes instead of driving. Biking is a very effective way to decrease the amount of green house gases caused by cars. Green house gases which are one of the main leading factors of climate change in the world.

Drawbacks: In places like Ontario weather isn’t always the best to bike in because of the harsh long winters. Also, biking is not always convenient because it takes longer to get to the destination.


Location: Hollywood, California

Date: Taken on July 30th, 2017

Description: A women fueling her Honda Clarity FCEV fuel cell vehicle at a hydrogen fueling station in Hollywood.

(She is taking part in the California Fuel Cell Partnership to move fuel cell electric vehicles closer to market.)

Effectiveness: Helps changing views on driving. Growing the market for fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel.  Trying to create a sustainable future for zero-emission cars, trucks, and buses.

Creates 0 greenhouse gases, with renewably produced hydrogen. Creates no air pollutants from well to wheels. Uses 0 petroleum oil, which is vital for energy security.

Drawbacks: Possibly price, and accessibility to these types of vehicles and fuel stations.

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