Photoshop Halloween Assignment

For me the three big challenges were the facts that I do not celebrate halloween therefore I do not have any costumes that I could wear so I decided that I would make one virtually. The other big challenge was the fact that I have never used any programs like photoshop before so I had to learn most of the tools from scratch therefore I decided that I would keep it relatively simple. I also don’t have photoshop so I went online and found an open source design software called GIMP that I was able to do the project with.

I think that although it is pretty obvious that my knowledge of design software is very basic I think that it turned out decently and I am proud of the fact that I was able to and little marks where the glass of the helmet would be to make it look like there is glass covering my face.

I think that I could use these new skills to make my own custom designs for projects in the future.