Graphic Novel Adaptation

Edward Scissor hands, a graphic novel interpretation 

The paragraph

Tim Burton in Edward Scissorhands used the scene where Edward gets the dress shirt stuck on his head, to breath more life into Edwards character, by showing his more innocent and even, naïve side, this gives the audience another reason to care about Edward and is executed very well. In my own interpretation of that specific scene, I added thought bubbles to add even more personality into Edward, and I believe it also injects a bit of humor to this scene.

In this scene, Tim Burton uses the shot reverse shot and cuts in this scene to make you feel like you are actually witnessing Edward messing up on wearing a dress shirt, which is genuinely funny, the cinematic elements used in this scene not only breath life into Edward, but breath life into the scene itself.

Adapting this scene into a graphic Novel taught me how to use the functions of Toondoo (of course), but also taught me about different the cinematic elements that are commonly used in film these days which was very fascinating.

The Comic