Community Connection -ADL 10

Who I interviewed

During this assignment, I interviewed structural engineer and project manager Nader Honarmand at Omega Engineering L.L.C, His roles and responsibilities include managing of projects and engineering of these projects (designing them and making them safe basically)

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Why I chose to interview the individual

I chose to interview Mr. Honarmand because he is the dad of a close friend of mine, and, I want to pursue something along the lines of engineering in the future as I am fascinated by that field of work.

What I learned, and how it connects to my passions and interests

I learned that an important part of structural engineering is taking your time, even on the smallest of projects to ensure you do your job to your fullest potential so no one gets hurt by your mistakes as in that line of work, your mistakes could end the lives of others, and also that a constant expansion of knowledge is an extremely important aspect of the work, such as learning new things about engineering, and reading in general.

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The Interview






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