Desmos Art Function Post 2018

The Character

Here is the caricature i made of myself on the desmos site using functions, if you squint your eyes ever so slightly you can just see the resemblance

This was pretty difficult at first, desmos is a great site but making a human person using it was very challenging, sometimes it felt like no matter what I tried that nothing would work, I ended up coming up with some crazy equations that I couldn’t explain if I tried. One of my aha moments was when Ms. MacArthur told me how to do the domain and range on desmos(I literally just put the wrong bracket in) afterwards though, it was much easier to figure out new equations.  I feel like this assignment drilled into my head which graphs are related to which functions, as a result I feel like i understand functions better.

Here are the equations

Graphing Story

Today in math ten, our job was to take a video of one of us doing something, then graph it.

Here’s Liam walking up and down the stairs



Relation in words: The height of Liam’s waist to how many seconds it takes him to climb the stairs

Independent variable: The height of Liam’s waist (feet)

Dependent variable: Time (seconds)

The Input: Time

X intercept:  none

Y intercept: (0,3)

The Output: Height of Liam’s waist

The Domain Values: 

The Range Values: 


Flag Pole Lab math 2018

Flag Pole lab

In math 10 today, we were tasked with finding the height of the flag pole outside of school by using trigonometry. We went outside with clinometers, meter sticks and roller meter sticks in order to find the height. We measured to our eye height and added that to the total height of the flag pole. I liked this lab because we did something new and interesting that still involved furthering our understanding of trigonometry


If you look closely, you can see an X we marked to help us

That’s the top of the flag pole

Liam holding the clinometer

A rolling meter stick that came in handy when we were trying to calculate distance