I.T Logo Project

Logo Project

During this project, I worked to create a logo using a specific animal of my choice, (I decided to use the polar bear) and used Adobe Illustrator to achieve my goal.

Artist statement 

The inspiration of this logo came to me when I was thinking of an animal to model the entire logo after. I like Polar Bears so, I used the best picture of a polar bear i could find, then, I traced and drew over the image using Adobe Illustrator and changed it to how I saw fit. I found the picture on an article by the huffing ton post (as I couldn’t take a picture of a polar bear myself) and a link to their website will be down below.  We had to make two versions of the logo, a monotone version with just black and white, and one with a few more colors.

Logo with color 

Monotone Picture

The original picture

Link to the huffing ton post article on polar bears: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/wwfcanada/polar-bear-patrols_b_9292556.html


Famous Picture Recreation -Photoshop

Famous Picture -Lunch atop a skyscraper

Artist Statement   

Here is a photo shopped image of the famous lunch atop a skyscraper photo that was taken in 1932. I photo shopped my friends into the picture to make it seem as they were in fact having lunch atop a skyscraper, or at least that they were sitting atop a skyscraper. My inspiration came when I looked up famous pictures and saw that one, I recognized it right away and got strait to work, (a bit of a lame story i know) I then used the Lunch atop a skyscraper photo as my template. I then put some of my friends in the image to resemble the iron workers in 1932, and I also some lunch boxes.

The Photo Shopped Image


The Original Image

Citation in APA format with link to photograph

Bettmann/CORBIS. (1927, September 20). Lunch atop a skycraper [Photograph]. Wikipedia, New York.

By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26261796


Graphic Novel Adaptation

Edward Scissor hands, a graphic novel interpretation 

The paragraph

Tim Burton in Edward Scissorhands used the scene where Edward gets the dress shirt stuck on his head, to breath more life into Edwards character, by showing his more innocent and even, naïve side, this gives the audience another reason to care about Edward and is executed very well. In my own interpretation of that specific scene, I added thought bubbles to add even more personality into Edward, and I believe it also injects a bit of humor to this scene.

In this scene, Tim Burton uses the shot reverse shot and cuts in this scene to make you feel like you are actually witnessing Edward messing up on wearing a dress shirt, which is genuinely funny, the cinematic elements used in this scene not only breath life into Edward, but breath life into the scene itself.

Adapting this scene into a graphic Novel taught me how to use the functions of Toondoo (of course), but also taught me about different the cinematic elements that are commonly used in film these days which was very fascinating.

The Comic



Linear Relations Study

In this assignment we looked into some potential jobs we could acquire in the next 5 years of our life, we we’re tasked showing graphs of the wages we could potentially earn among other things.

The assignment

Links to Desmos.com where I completed the graphs 





Community Connection -ADL 10

Who I interviewed

During this assignment, I interviewed structural engineer and project manager Nader Honarmand at Omega Engineering L.L.C, His roles and responsibilities include managing of projects and engineering of these projects (designing them and making them safe basically)

Image result for omega engineering canada

Why I chose to interview the individual

I chose to interview Mr. Honarmand because he is the dad of a close friend of mine, and, I want to pursue something along the lines of engineering in the future as I am fascinated by that field of work.

What I learned, and how it connects to my passions and interests

I learned that an important part of structural engineering is taking your time, even on the smallest of projects to ensure you do your job to your fullest potential so no one gets hurt by your mistakes as in that line of work, your mistakes could end the lives of others, and also that a constant expansion of knowledge is an extremely important aspect of the work, such as learning new things about engineering, and reading in general.

Wall Clock at 5:50

The Interview






Links to images

Carol, B. (n.d.). Clock [Photograph]. Pexels.https://www.pexels.com/photo/wall-clock-at-5-50-707582/

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Ashashyou. (2015). Thank you word cloud [Painting]. Wikipedia.


Electric House Project

Pictures of our finished project

Our electric house featured bedrooms, a bathroom, laundry room, living/dining area, hardwood floors, the latest in wallpaper styles and a nice green grass lawn. Of course it also had working circuits evidently.

Circuit Diagrams

Project questions

You have three light bulbs. All have the same intensity when lit. Explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in series by unscrewing one light bulb. Support your answer. 

I could prove the circuit was connected in series by showing that the lights turn off if one light bulb was unscrewed, unlike parallel where if a light bulb was unscrewed the other lights would still work.

You have three light bulbs. All have the same intensity when lit. Explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in parallel by unscrewing one light bulb.

I could prove the circuit was connected in parallel by showing that the other lights remained lit when one bulb was unscrewed, unlike series where if one light bulb is unscrewed, the whole circuit fails.

In question number three, describe the relative intensities of the two remaining lit bulbs if one of the bulbs in parallel was unscrewed. Support your answer.

The parallel circuits light bulbs would be brighter than the series circuit as there is less of a voltage drop with parallel circuits.

Reflect on the quality of your ability to collaborate during this project What did you do well. Or What could you have improved.

If one light bulb was unscrewed in the parallel, circuit the series light would be brighter, and the parallel circuit would be the same, because parallels work regardless, and there would be more power going around to the other circuits.

collaboration self reflection

core competencies

5 COL questions

Les 5 questions de Frim 9 -COI/COD

Ici est 5 questions de frim 9

  1. Elle explique la règle de grammaire à Paul ? Oui, elle la lui expliquer.
  2. Tu me prêtes ton téléphone cellulaire ? Non, je ne la prêtes pas.
  3. Vous apportez ces fleurs à vos parents ? Oui, je les leur apporte.
  4. Tu racontes tes aventures à Marie ? Oui, je les lui raconte.
  5. Demandes-tu ton chemin au policier ? Non, je ne le lui demande pas.
  6. 10. Proposes-tu le nouveau remède à ton patient ? Oui, je la lui propose