Tech Team Reflection

Something interesting that I did this semester was set up a team’s group with my Co-op class. My teacher wanted a way for us all to stay in touch over the winter break, so me, Ulrich, Michael, and Justin set off to find a solution to the problem. Our teacher didn’t really want an Instagram chat, as it was not only to be for socialization purposes, so our group decided that teams would be the best option.

  • It worked very well at first, sadly however, nobody used the chat. It has since been mothballed.
  • There were some technical difficulties with the signing in, but otherwise the program worked very well and easy to use. It was kind of a pain to add everyone in manually but otherwise it was good.
  • We tried a few different groups set up options, private groups, public groups, and played around with what both those things meant.
  • I’m not sure if anything on our end could have been done better. People just like to discriminate against teams. Which I find ironic considering our current situation

I think that the best possible way to get help to the people who need it right now is to let them know who they can email for tech support, and then to be prudent in answering. I’m not sure what else we could at this time.

I think that all of us being on teams is a massive step forward. With any luck we’ll now be able to effectively coordinate our efforts. That should help the team to run more smoothly. Otherwise I think we’re heading in the right direction.

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