Tech Team Year End Reflection

Hello, Here is my final reflection

A. For most of the year my job was to help the stream team, but, I wasn’t very good at it so I joined the creation team instead, they’re trying to make a video and I’m trying to help in any way I can.

B. There we’re lots of technical difficulties when it came to the stream team, also, my inexperience with streaming left me pretty much in the dark with most operations, however, with the creation team, I feel like I should be able to contribute more thanks to my ICT background. I would have joined the creation team from the start if I could’ve changed anything.

C. I learned a bit about how streaming worked, and I hope to learn more about video production witht eh creation team. I feel like thanks to the tech team, I now have more communication skills.


The streams went well for the most part, they should help to document riversides history, and hopefully when this video gets done, it will mark a “new” age of the tech team at riverside. I feel like the creation team has a lot of potential.


I feel like the more students we include in the video, the more desirable it will be, because then it’ll be a conglomeration of the school body and spirit, increasing its accessibility.


Maybe having smaller projects dotting the halls with our teams’ signature would help to incorporate the creation team into the school life.


Looking back, I would have joined the creation team from the start


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