Tech Team Innovation

Step 1: Tech Team

What aspects of Tech Team are successful? Explain why.

I think the idea of having a tech team at riverside is a great idea, we do need a tech team, every few weeks or so a teacher asks, “is the tech team here?” and (sometimes to my disdain at the fear of embarrassment) I get called out by my friends to fix the problem.


What aspects of Tech Team are challenging? Explain why.

For me, I feel that the most challenging aspect of tech team is communication, we don’t have a way right now where we can all, teachers and students alike communicate, but here’s the thing, we have a way that we’re just not using, we should be using teams more, it provides a great way for us to communicate(minus the classic Microsoft bugs). All that needs to happen is for us to get the app on our phones, sign in, turn the notifications on and, we’ve got ourselves a group chat. The reason I feel that teams would be superior to an email is because A. its much faster than email B. we can all see what’s being said which helps us form an understanding and C. it creates a more interwoven and connected tech team. Without communication there’s no coordination so the tech team’s effectiveness plummets, so, in closing I truly think that if we get teams up and running, any other problems should solve themselves. (If teams don’t work out, we can always use Instagram.)


What support does our school need from the Tech Team moving forward? Explain why.

In my experience its more so the little things that our school needs assistance with, like the little glitches and bugs, especially in the wireless and non-wireless projectors and older tech.


What can we do to improve our support for our school?

I think we need to have training and hands on experience with some of the older tech and Microsoft hardware around the school. Another thing would be for all of us just to have regular shifts at the wave.


Step 2: Research

Glen eagle made a website with helpful tips and tricks for device usage, but, its locked and you need permission, maybe we could add a tab onto our regular website, with general tips about tech and riverside for the freshmen

Burlington high school in Massachusetts also has a tech team similar to ours at riverside, only its an actual class that you attend, unlike the lunch hour meetings that we have at riverside

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