Desmos Art Function Post 2018

The Character

Here is the caricature i made of myself on the desmos site using functions, if you squint your eyes ever so slightly you can just see the resemblance

This was pretty difficult at first, desmos is a great site but making a human person using it was very challenging, sometimes it felt like no matter what I tried that nothing would work, I ended up coming up with some crazy equations that I couldn’t explain if I tried. One of my aha moments was when Ms. MacArthur told me how to do the domain and range on desmos(I literally just put the wrong bracket in) afterwards though, it was much easier to figure out new equations.¬† I feel like this assignment drilled into my head which graphs are related to which functions, as a result I feel like i understand functions better.

Here are the equations

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    1. Desmos is a very graphing calculator. I am currently having a hard time using it. The caricature you made is so cute using desmos site functions but it looks hard to made. Thank you for giving some functions to use. I’ll surely try this and im so excited to try it already. Anyway I’m Courtney Sims and it’s so great to be able to see this.

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