Misleading stats

Hello, today I was asked to find a completely inaccurate and false headline, graph, or media story that uses statistics in a misleading manner and to explain why it is misleading.

So, I went looking for some false statistics, or blatant lies and to no surprise my search brought me to fox news. Specifically however, an article titled

“CNN has gone bananas and doesn’t seem to care; and other horrible examples of media bias”

So, for one, fox news was calling other news company’s biased, especially CNN, that was their first mistake. Why? you ask, well they are completely biased towards their own conservative agendas and will bend the truth to suit themselves, a, prime example is this whole deal with Shawn Hannity, Michael Cohen, and Donald Trump.

Also, they gave an extremely biased survey which stated that 90 percent of people that work at CNN are biased against Donald Trump. Well, to start, off the survey was done by “mrc newsbusters” an admittedly conservative network devoted to exposing and combating conservative media. So, obviously they have their own agendas and things that they want to push.

But what was the point of the article? Well that was to inform everybody that CNN blamed Trump for somebody coming into their headquarters and injuring someone, however, they don’t show any evidence that this even happened, and, given that this is fox news, it wouldn’t be the first time they lied to get people on their side.

Ill link the article here if you want to read it 


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