I.T Logo Project

Logo Project

During this project, I worked to create a logo using a specific animal of my choice, (I decided to use the polar bear) and used Adobe Illustrator to achieve my goal.

Artist statement 

The inspiration of this logo came to me when I was thinking of an animal to model the entire logo after. I like Polar Bears so, I used the best picture of a polar bear i could find, then, I traced and drew over the image using Adobe Illustrator and changed it to how I saw fit. I found the picture on an article by the huffing ton post (as I couldn’t take a picture of a polar bear myself) and a link to their website will be down below.¬† We had to make two versions of the logo, a monotone version with just black and white, and one with a few more colors.

Logo with color 

Monotone Picture

The original picture

Link to the huffing ton post article on polar bears: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/wwfcanada/polar-bear-patrols_b_9292556.html


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