Everything I know about polynomials

Ft. Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction and general advice….  

 So here are so general guidelines you will want to follow when dealing with polynomials this includes….

some explanations on algebraic tiles

placement of the negative charge

what variables, coefficients, terms, constants and degrees are in a polynomial expression

And further explanation of the distributive product



So now that you have some general principles down, addition of polynomials seems like the most rational step forward, in this photo you will find.

Addition and subtraction of polynomial expressions using algebra tiles and numbers, and, that’s about it.





Finally in the last photo, we have the multiplication and division of polynomial expressions using monomial expressions.







Thanks for looking at my project, I hope it made things a bit more clear regarding polynomials.

Thanks again!

Also, here is the core competencies padlet


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  1. Great job with explaining all of the different concepts with polynomials! All of the learning outcomes were met in this project. This project has included various examples of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. All of the expressions/equations included algebra tiles and a complex variation of variables and exponents. Your explanation was very clear and I liked the way you used different coloured pens. The only thing I think you could’ve done better was that the words were quite small and so it was slightly difficult to read. 🙂

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