Play dough Circuit lab

Circuit #1

This circuit did not function, as to why it did not not function, I believe it was because there were four different connections which effectively canceled each other one out, not to mention that the connections were put in randomly, and, play dough can be excruciatingly finicky. The drawing of course represents a cleaner version of the actual picture.

Circuit #2

This circuit worked quite well, I believe it was because the circuit went directly to the lode, and was not redirected through the play dough, as the play dough can be finicky at times, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Two out of the three lights lit up, this must’ve been because of a faulty light, and or the wire was not fully touching the light’s wires.


Circuit #3

This in my opinion, was our groups crowning achievement, even though it was one more play dough ball to the lode, than the practice circuit. Never the less I had absolutely no hope it would work, however as we touched the negative side of the battery to the wire, we saw a dim, yet distinguished light coming from the L.E.D. It then began to be finicky again, however, after some troubleshooting, we got it. It was extremely relieving.



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