ADL -solution fluency

Scientific app -solution fluency

Problem: i need help remembering some scientific terms.

Brainstorm: there could be an app to help me remember these things.

Find: Science@VL could work as a reminding tool.

Use: It works very well as an encyclopedia, and has a lot of scientific words and is very useful when trying to remember certain scientific words.

Debrief: Overall this app is very useful as an electronic scientific dictionary.

Thoughts for evaluating the app

How does the app help users build skills or learn content?

It helps by giving a study tool as well as an answer sheet of sorts, to correct and help people study different scientific terms.


How intuitive is the app? Is it self-explanatory or does it take a long time to figure out?

The app is very self explanatory and while i wouldn’t say it was extremely intuitive, it is still very useful.


What innovative elements does the app utilize?

It has a search bar, and compared to a dictionary that one factor makes it one thousand times better, and while it may not have as many words as a dictionary it still makes up for that in many other ways.

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  1. Your app seems to be a very good place to search for scientific words. I always struggled about that because if I google it, all it shows up are Wikipedia and such which takes 10 minutes to find the material that you are really looking for. Maybe I will use this app when I have a scientific term that I can’t easily find the exact meaning of on other search engines.

  2. Thank you for your Science app review Though your media works very well with your message, you could add more details to your explanations. Another thought is to debrief your process by considering what you did well and what you could have improved as you went through the solution fluency process.

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