Tech Team December Reflection

What are some things you have learned and/or tasks you have accomplished so far this semester? Explain thoroughly (Use videos, pictures, upload materials etc. as evidence of learning in your blog)

What aspects of your work are successful? Explain why.

The spoken word went pretty well, we got the stream going and we’ll just get better at it

What aspects of your work are challenging? Explain why.

Getting the Audio and OBS to work was hard, because it was a new program for me that i’d never used before

What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make

We got help from the people who manage the audio for the spoken word to help us out. We also changed to using OBS this year instead of wirecast as it works a lot better(also, wire cast has a watermark)

Is there anything you can do improve? (with your approach to the project, or altering the project)

I definitely need to get more comfortable with the platform so i’ll be able to help my team more, its no lie that I wasn’t… lets say instrumental to the success of our group.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions, as we move forward, that could help the Tech Team meet the needs of our school and staff / be more effective? (Provide specific examples)

I’m glad the waves back upstairs instead of in the library, I don’t know maybe it will be good in the library but I feel convenience is an important aspect of the wave, also visibility, I mean I haven’t looked at the plans of the new library and I’m sure it’ll be really great, but it kinda just makes sense that the wave would be in an open and visible area, like where it is now.

Desmos Art Function Post 2018

The Character

Here is the caricature i made of myself on the desmos site using functions, if you squint your eyes ever so slightly you can just see the resemblance

This was pretty difficult at first, desmos is a great site but making a human person using it was very challenging, sometimes it felt like no matter what I tried that nothing would work, I ended up coming up with some crazy equations that I couldn’t explain if I tried. One of my aha moments was when Ms. MacArthur told me how to do the domain and range on desmos(I literally just put the wrong bracket in) afterwards though, it was much easier to figure out new equations.  I feel like this assignment drilled into my head which graphs are related to which functions, as a result I feel like i understand functions better.

Here are the equations

Tech Team Project

Streaming Team

a) Briefly describe your new and improved idea, by incorporating ideas and/or feedback.

We hope to archive more events so we and others can look back on it. We also want to stream more important things for the school.

b) Answer the following questions:

– What problems might we run into?

Camera/recording troubles

– What skills do we need to complete this project? How can we attain these skills?

Some practice with the recording device would be handy to get us all (me specifically) acquainted more so with the device

c) Create a brief timeline of key things that need to happen to ensure successful completion of your project. What happens next?

  1. learn how to use the recording device better
  2. find events to stream
  3. stream them

Graphing Story

Today in math ten, our job was to take a video of one of us doing something, then graph it.

Here’s Liam walking up and down the stairs



Relation in words: The height of Liam’s waist to how many seconds it takes him to climb the stairs

Independent variable: The height of Liam’s waist (feet)

Dependent variable: Time (seconds)

The Input: Time

X intercept:  none

Y intercept: (0,3)

The Output: Height of Liam’s waist

The Domain Values: 

The Range Values: 



Today, our tech team assignment was to play around with the widget function on our blog, we we’re told to do our best to break the system and test its limits.

a) What Widgets and Plugins did you choose?

I chose the accessibility,  Google News feed, google map, calendar and a picture add in

b) What are there strengths?

The accessibility widget: This function helps with people who have a hard time seeing certain font sizes and whatnot, it helps to make the blog more “accessible”

Google news/RSS but better widget: this one i found very interesting, now there’s up to date news on my blog all the time, I just hope the articles aren’t too edgy… might have to look into that.

The picture add in: I found this cool just to spice up my blog a bit, there’s this picture of Hawaii I found and I really like it (its even my background)

d) What are there weaknesses?

Google maps: This would be an absolutely fantastic add in. If I could only get it to work

Accessibility: I wish there would be a way to add more helpful options into it

Google news/RSS but better widget: All went well in regards to the RSS but better widget, except for that of the news article links is being permanently called “deprecated”, I had to google what that meant(it means highly disproved of) however, further inspection of these links revealed that it was just google news, but I unfortunately couldn’t figure out a solution to change it from saying “this rss link is deprecated” to the article name.

e) Can these programs be used in a classroom setting to enhance student learning? Would you use it and/or recommend it?

The only programs that I could see having a practical use in class would be the News feed, maybe to discuss current events, the calendar to show important dates such as tests and maybe the picture add in for some example project of sorts.

I use all three of these widgets and I think while they may not have an extremely useful purpose when it comes to classroom learning, it sure as heck helps to spice up your blog and make it more pleasant and interesting to look at. I think that if students spent a bit more time customizing their blogs, we might all start using them way more and actually having pride in what our blogs, I just don’t think the first day of school is a good time to force the blog customization onto the new students (and after all it can be a bit of a pain sometimes). But, maybe a COL blog customization assignment isn’t a horrible idea, I know that after I’ve spent the time customizing my blog I like it a lot more, but, maybe forcing kids to be creative and work on their blog will just turn them away from it in the long run? I dont know, anyways in closing, I’d give 9/10 for the news feed, 10/10 for the image add in, 8/10 for the accessibility, and 8.2/10 for the calendar, as well as a bonus 7/10 for the maps as I couldn’t get it to work, but it is an awesome software.

Flag Pole Lab math 2018

Flag Pole lab

In math 10 today, we were tasked with finding the height of the flag pole outside of school by using trigonometry. We went outside with clinometers, meter sticks and roller meter sticks in order to find the height. We measured to our eye height and added that to the total height of the flag pole. I liked this lab because we did something new and interesting that still involved furthering our understanding of trigonometry


If you look closely, you can see an X we marked to help us

That’s the top of the flag pole

Liam holding the clinometer

A rolling meter stick that came in handy when we were trying to calculate distance


Misleading stats

Hello, today I was asked to find a completely inaccurate and false headline, graph, or media story that uses statistics in a misleading manner and to explain why it is misleading.

So, I went looking for some false statistics, or blatant lies and to no surprise my search brought me to fox news. Specifically however, an article titled

“CNN has gone bananas and doesn’t seem to care; and other horrible examples of media bias”

So, for one, fox news was calling other news company’s biased, especially CNN, that was their first mistake. Why? you ask, well they are completely biased towards their own conservative agendas and will bend the truth to suit themselves, a, prime example is this whole deal with Shawn Hannity, Michael Cohen, and Donald Trump.

Also, they gave an extremely biased survey which stated that 90 percent of people that work at CNN are biased against Donald Trump. Well, to start, off the survey was done by “mrc newsbusters” an admittedly conservative network devoted to exposing and combating conservative media. So, obviously they have their own agendas and things that they want to push.

But what was the point of the article? Well that was to inform everybody that CNN blamed Trump for somebody coming into their headquarters and injuring someone, however, they don’t show any evidence that this even happened, and, given that this is fox news, it wouldn’t be the first time they lied to get people on their side.

Ill link the article here if you want to read it