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Amazing Race Organzier C Questions

Interior Plains

1: What is the biggest glacier in the Rockies?

a) Athabasca Glacier
b) Dome Glacier
c) Columbia Glacier
d) Saskatchewan Glacier

2. How do glaciers form?

a) Mountains covered in ice
b) The lake underneath freezes
c) Compacted snow stays in one place all year round, then it builds up and eventually freezes into ice.
d) Wind blows snow into one area, then when it builds up the snow freezes.

3. What are the most preferred horses to go horseback riding with?

a) Shire, Thoroughbred
b) American Quarter, Arabian
c) Friesian, Appaloosa,
d) All

4. How many of Alberta’s glaciers will shrink by 2100?

a) 36%
b) 70%
c) 80%
d) 75%

5. What is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies?

a) Blanca Peak 4,372m
b) Mount Elbert 4,401m
c) Mount Robson 3,954m
d) La Plata Peak 4,377m

Amazing Race Organizer B Questions

Cordillera Questions

1. What is the most common fish sold?

a) Pacific Halibut
b) Salmon
c) Trout
d) All of the above

2. How many fish farms are in British Columbia?

a) 50
b) 23
c) 269
d) 7

3. What is a huge threat to fish farms?

a) Eagles
b) Bears
c) All
d) Aquatic pollution

4. Where are most fish farms located in British Columbia?

a) North BC
b) South BC
c) West BC
d) East BC

5. Why do some believe fish farming is better for raising fish then letting them swim free?

a) Controlling what they eat
b) Able to treat them from diseases
c) Better for their emotions
d) So the families can stay together

Amazing Race Organizer A Questions


Question 1: Where is the cordillera located?

East Canada
Canadian Shield
North West Canada

Question 2: How do valleys form?

They just appeared
A flowing river which erodes the ground making a v shape

Question 3: What are glaciers?

Big blocks of ice and compacted snow slowly moving down a river
Tall mountains
Tall mountains with snow
Ice cubes

Question 4: What other topography is common in the cordillera?

Ice fields
All of the above

Question 5: What is the most common tree found in the cordillera?

Red Cedar

Principles of Learning

-Learning involves patience and time
This connects to what we have learned because with a lot of the experiments and labs we have done they take patience and time. They have taken up a whole class or a few days to complete. They took this long because we needed to wait for results. This also relates to the inquiry experiment I am currently doing. My partner and I are growing tomato plants; each day we have been recording data and seeing if the ones with fertilizer grows fast than the ones without. This idea relates to the song because she wants to go out and explore however, she doesn’t know the dangers of what could happen to her. Moana doesn’t know how to sail a boat and learning takes time and practice.
-Learning involves recognizing that some knowledge is sacred and only shared with permission and/or in certain situations
When doing experiments, we can’t always follow rules. Scientists have discovered so many things because they have been creative. It relates because they didn’t have any knowledge. Or maybe some scientists have information that they will not give out because it is very significant. They want to be the only ones with the data. The quote is connected with the song because the song is about her wanting to go out there but her father won’t let he because he doesn’t want her to know what’s out there. The dad wants her to be the next leader of the island and doesn’t want the people of the island to want to move to possibly a better one.

Overall, I think this song has one very important message but the main one isn’t the one I am connecting these thoughts too. It is the secondary one which is the father doesn’t want her to go because he wants her to stay but she also doesn’t know how dangerous it is to go out there. Also, the dad knows how dangerous it is because he had sent men out before and they never returned so he doesn’t want his daughter to be in harm.

Technology and Genetics: Grafting

Watch video 1 first and 2 second.

1. What problem is your topic trying to solve?
-Increase crops. To repair broken parts. Heal faster.

2. What assumptions are made by your sources?
-Some say it is unnatural and shouldn’t be allowed but majority say it’s a good idea because it can prevent diseases.

3. What are the writers’ biases?
-One website I looked at was a greenhouse site and they were very positive about the process. Some other sites like the one written by people not so educated were both-sided.

4. What social implications does your topic have?
-If plants can be rehabilitated they keep producing oxygen.

5. What ethical implications does your topic have?
-Some people believe humans should only be able to do so much before they go to far. Cloning and grafting plants is up to nature to help.
-For skin grafting people have similar opinions. It is a good idea but is it to far? Some believe if you get injured your body should be able to repair itself.

6. Evaluate your topic and whether it is a satisfactory solution to the problem, given the weaknesses you have already addressed.
-I think it is a good solution because we can keep species healthier for longer and save them.

7. What is your personal stance on this topic?
-I think it is a good idea because it can help prevent plants from dyeing off. It also helps people with health issues like having troubles breathing. If a veins are clogged they can mend two veins together and then it will clean out.


Bloom Syndrome Mutation Story

Hi I am a gene but I’m not just any ordinary gene, I am unique. What makes me different is I have a special mutation called Bloom Syndrome. I’ll tell you about how I got to where I am while I take you on a trip down memory lane. It all started when my host’s parents had initial contact. Both of their chromosomes crossed over but a mutation started forming in the BLM gene. This leaded to mutated DNA helicase proteins because the BLM gene’s job is to provide instructions on making protein. When this happened the cells went through genomic instability which means a high frequency of mutation. When my host was born she was under the average weight. As she started mumbling and talking her voice was very high pitched. As she grew up her parent’s noticed she was much shorter compared to the other kids. She also had to wear plenty of clothing to cover her up because when her skin got exposed to sun, rashes would start to form. Her first day of school was great as the kids did not noticed anything different about her but as she moved up grades kids started noticing differences about her. They started making fun of her and wouldn’t let her play.

Writing this story went pretty smooth however I found there wasn’t enough information about my topic to make my story really detailed. I probably could’ve gone to more websites but with the due date close I did not have enough time.

Information Fluency

Here are some ways you can determine whether or not a site is reliable:
-If the domain is .org .net .edu or .gov then the website is trustworthy .com is not always the correct so when looking at these sites you need to be skeptical.
-Have you found the same information somewhere else? If so then it is most likely true.
-Are there any credentials listed?
-Is there anything that implies they are marketing something for readers to buy?

One thing I learned from this activity is even if a website looks trustworthy you have to double check. When looking at websites you need to investigate the small details of the website.

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