Holocaust Reflection

1. How did the Holocaust happen?

-There were many laws and events that took place leading up to the Holocaust. All of these were meant to exclude and degrade Jewish and people with disabilities. The government believed Aryans, Germans, were the superior race and all others were inferior. The Holocaust was meant to eliminate the last question of Jews meaning to get rid of the race. Many were killed in concentration camps or put to work in terrible conditions.

2. How did an individual’s geographic location, group or WW2 events impact one’s experience?

-The people that were mainly impacted were the Jewish but it did not matter what country you were from. If Germany invaded a country, the Jewish living there were taken to concentration camps. As Germany took control of more countries more Jews were taken and discriminated against. During WW2, Germany first went after countries they had lost after WW1. He wanted to unite Germany again but after he gained what Hitler believed was rightfully theirs they went after other more powerful countries; like France and the Soviet Union.

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