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Amazing Race Organzier C Questions

Interior Plains

1: What is the biggest glacier in the Rockies?

a) Athabasca Glacier
b) Dome Glacier
c) Columbia Glacier
d) Saskatchewan Glacier

2. How do glaciers form?

a) Mountains covered in ice
b) The lake underneath freezes
c) Compacted snow stays in one place all year round, then it builds up and eventually freezes into ice.
d) Wind blows snow into one area, then when it builds up the snow freezes.

3. What are the most preferred horses to go horseback riding with?

a) Shire, Thoroughbred
b) American Quarter, Arabian
c) Friesian, Appaloosa,
d) All

4. How many of Alberta’s glaciers will shrink by 2100?

a) 36%
b) 70%
c) 80%
d) 75%

5. What is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies?

a) Blanca Peak 4,372m
b) Mount Elbert 4,401m
c) Mount Robson 3,954m
d) La Plata Peak 4,377m

Amazing Race Organizer B Questions

Cordillera Questions

1. What is the most common fish sold?

a) Pacific Halibut
b) Salmon
c) Trout
d) All of the above

2. How many fish farms are in British Columbia?

a) 50
b) 23
c) 269
d) 7

3. What is a huge threat to fish farms?

a) Eagles
b) Bears
c) All
d) Aquatic pollution

4. Where are most fish farms located in British Columbia?

a) North BC
b) South BC
c) West BC
d) East BC

5. Why do some believe fish farming is better for raising fish then letting them swim free?

a) Controlling what they eat
b) Able to treat them from diseases
c) Better for their emotions
d) So the families can stay together

Amazing Race Organizer A Questions


Question 1: Where is the cordillera located?

East Canada
Canadian Shield
North West Canada

Question 2: How do valleys form?

They just appeared
A flowing river which erodes the ground making a v shape

Question 3: What are glaciers?

Big blocks of ice and compacted snow slowly moving down a river
Tall mountains
Tall mountains with snow
Ice cubes

Question 4: What other topography is common in the cordillera?

Ice fields
All of the above

Question 5: What is the most common tree found in the cordillera?

Red Cedar