Science App Review

Dream: I would like to find an app that lets me to science experiments at home without me having to get the actual supplies I need. But I also want to learn about the materials I amusing so hopefully there will be some facts.

The app I chose to use is Kids Science Games by Ehtasham Haq. I found this game very user friendly as it is not to busy or hard to figure out. The games were fun and easy to follow along with. However, the app was a bit glitchy and touchy at times so I think some people would get frustrated by that. While I was doing the experiments educational facts would pop up which told me why I was using something and what it does.
I thought this was great because it is a game parents can give this to their kids to play and they would be learning at the same time. But for grade 9 students I think it’s a bit to colourful and cartoonish. The experiments could have had more steps for an older age group. What I think would make the app better is by adding age groups so they can have for simple games for younger kids and more complicated experiments for older users.
This app would also be great for people that don’t have all the supplies at home that they need to complete labs. The app covers a range of subjects like chemistry, physics and electricity.
Overall I thought the app was interesting and well designed but not for an older age group.

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  1. Mr. Robinson
    October 27, 2016 at 9:18 pm (7 years ago)

    Your review is complete and you have detailed the solution fluency quite well except for missing the “define” stage at the beginning. More pictures would tell a better picture of the app. Thanks for sharing your app review.


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