“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

When he woke up, he saw himself looking up the sky and thought.

“That was a good dream, I had for so long!” Feeling proud and disdainful, he stood up and saw a crowd surrounding him and his wife moving through the crowd worried.

“Walter Mitty! What are you doing, lying on the floor! Why don’t you be an actor!” Mrs. Mitty nagging furiously. She held his hand like she was holding her son’s hand and began walking through the crowd, covering her face.

As they were walking towards the parking lot, all of a sudden, there was a commotion across the street.

“My bag! Someone please get my bag!” A middle-aged woman started yelling as a pickpocket ran with her bag. Walter Mitty, let go of his wife’s hand and began chasing him. As he was chasing this inscrutable man, the crowd was cheering, their clothes looking haggard, and perspiration drenching the atmosphere. He saw himself as Jesse Owens. Competing against Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson and many others on the incomparable race ever in 1936 Summer Olympics. He felt like a flash running in almost a light speed. He could feel his legs light as a feather, as he gets closer to the finish line, the crowd got louder and louder and the race was over. Many cameras were facing him. Interviewers interviewing him. He saw himself first on the podium. As he was panting fast, he saw himself holding a bag, the pickpocket on the floor, people staring at him and his wife running towards him.

His wife slapped him angrily and started nagging at him, feeling proud inside. “Walter Mitty! You think you are a hero? I was so worried for you!” As Walter Mitty handed the bag to the old women, the crowd applauded. Walter Mitty felt like a hero in his childhood comic book. He stood glorious and proud.

“Walter Mitty! Quit standing there and hurry up!” Mrs. Mitty criticizing. Walter Mitty ran to his wife. The sun was setting as he and his wife walked down the street towards the parking lot.