Characterization (3D) – “Maurice”

Maurice, second tallest among the choir boys, is a fictional character that shows the savageness next to Roger and Jack. He first appears with a black cap with silver badge, shorts, shirt and black cloak. He is not a mean person but thanks to being with Jack, Roger and being a hunter, he feels powerful and bullies the littluns with Roger by breaking sandcastles. He also bullies Piggy with Jack and Roger by not giving him food, calls name, and physically assaults him. He rebels against Ralph, Simon and Piggy by removing the conch and moves to other area with the other hunters. His clothes are torn, he looks dirty and messy as his stay on the island gets longer just like the other boys. He assualts a pig with Roger and Jack. He enjoys sodomizing a pig with them and dances around with other hunters like savages. Jack, Roger and Maurice forshadows darkness and evilness that’s going to upon on the island.

1 “Then Jack grabbed Maurice and rubbed the stuff over his cheeks”(Golding 195).

  • blood on his face

2 “We’ll raid them and take fire. There must be four of you; Henry and you, Robert and Maurice. We’ll put on paint and sneak up;” (Golding 196).

  • hunters paint

3 “We ought to have a drum,” said Maurice, “then we could do it properly,” (Golding 165).

  • wants a drum, just like the conch

4 “Finally the laughter died away and the naming continued. There was Maurice, next in size among the choir boys to Jack, but broad and grin- ning all the time,” (Golding 27).

  • tall and broad, grins a lot

5 “Shorts, shirts, and different garments they carried in their hands; but each boy wore a square black cap with a silver badge on it. Their bodies, from throat to ankle, were hidden by black cloaks which bore a long silver cross on the left breast and each neck was finished off with a ham-bone frill,” (Golding 24).

  • wears choir clothes

6 “We shall take fire from the others. Listen. Tomorrow we’ll hunt and get meat. Tonight I’ll go along with two hunters—who’ll come?” (Golding 232).

  • hes a hunter

7 “The hunters took their spears, the cooks took spits, and the rest clubs of firewood. A circling movement developed and a chant,” (Golding 217).

  • has a spear

8 “’Pick up the pig.’ Maurice and Robert skewered the carcass, lifted the dead weight, and stood ready,” (Golding 197).

  • strong
  • likes to terrorize littluns
  • follows
  • not to be messed with because of Jack