Should You Allow Yourself To Be, Or Not To Be?

What I liked about this article was the idea of tackling what it really means to have your dream become your career. At a young age, children are inspired to become anything they want to be. While that isn’t a bad thing, some children take it quite literally, believing they could be a dinosaur or whatnot (as exampled in the article). Adults may be there to encourage or guide you to your own goal, but they should also be there to ground you in some form of realism that you can achieve for yourself. I think the author tries to convince his readers that not everything is possible, at least, not yet anyways. He displays this best when he constantly refers to his previous experiences with the subject, or when he gives hypothetical examples as to what to do when a child believes he can surmount to anything. For me, the relatability of it all relies in the writing of how we sometimes give children false hope about their dream job. Once they realize they cannot achieve that, they feel completely wasted as an individual, and in hindsight perhaps feel like they have disappointed their parents in some capacity.

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