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Our Earth, Our Home, Our Future

Trees dancing in the wind, giving us the fresh air we breathe.

Carbon filling the emptiness of those obliterated, the sun.

Shining in our eyes like the light from our phone screens. We must change.

We must change our direction driven by the daily tasks we desire.

The evolution of our world depends on our ability to breathe.

The crickling crackling sound of our oxygen being taken from us, creating a world with nothing left.

Mother Earth,

the place we call home.

Her cry for help we ignore,

we must open our eyes and see the path we are on will make is cease to exist.


Here is the article that inspired my poem:

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Poem Composition:  

My favourite poem that we read during our poetry unit was Plastic Mask of Self-Unknown written by Nick McDermott. This poem talks about the lack of individuality within society, this connects to the blood side because of how it has grown and created an issue over a period of time making people feel less comfortable in ourselves. One of the big things brought up in this poem is fighting for what you believe in. The poet references this by saying “Individuality removed, replaced while on strike” and the word strike is what brings this to life. People that strike are doing it because they believe the way they are being treated is wrong therefor, they are fighting for what they believe is right and what they believe they deserve. In this poem, it also talks about the price at which individuality is sold, and how it is a great deal. Growing up your whole life we are told to be yourself because there is nobody like you and as much as that is completely true, the idea of conformity that this poem talks about shows the other side. As much as there are people in this world that are not afraid to be themselves and don’t care what others think, that’s only a small portion. There are many people living in this earth that allow society to tell them how they should be living and that is something that needs to be changed. The roses side of this poem is mentioned at the end when the poet addresses the issue and leaves it up to the reader to determine how they will make the change or continue on the path they are currently on. Close to the end, the poet says “Is there really anything to save?” and by placing this rhetorical question close to the end it allows for the reader to acknowledge the blood side and how society has shaped up over the years, but also see a glimpse into the roses of how you can branch out if you wish and create your own path that society didn’t create for you. 

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