How Friendships Can Change a Life

In this aritcle┬áit talks about two boys groing up that were best friends, but when a falling out happens one of the boys parents doenst allow him to see his friend so whevever he would know at the door, his mom would say he wasnt in. Furtuer into the article they list some statistics. The statistics say that American boys ages 15 to 16 have a four time higher suicide rate then girls, and that is something that I found quite interesting. Growing up as a girl it’s normal for my gender to have close friends that are girls and nobody thinks anything of it, whereas for boys there can be a homosexual judgment based off of how close the two are. Personally, I dont why this judgment is made only to boys and not girls. Same goes for guys having sleepovers. Society has made us all think that it’s only girls that do these things so any boys that do are concidered “girly” and its not fair. Boys need best friends just as much as girls and this atricle says just that, so why is society saying otherwise? All in all I believe that with the growing amounts of male suicides eventually the world will realise that boys having best friends that they are close with is a normal thing about being a human.

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