Has Social Media Made a Positive or Negative Environment For Teens Growing Up?

In this article it talks about the effects that socials media and screens has on teens growing up. I found this article quite interesting because researchers used an fMRI scanner to take images of 32 teenagers brains. These scans showed the activity within the different parts of the brain as the teenagers used social media apps. The results shows that teenagers brains have greater activation when they find out they have many likes on a picture, the same activation that your brain would have when we see a picture of a person we love or gain money. The way the author wrote this article is in a very informative way without picking sides, which I like. In my opinion pieces written about a topic, such as this one, aren’t as powerful when the author never aknowladges the other side. This aritcle metions both. The article is something I was ablet to reflect to easily because it’s a topic I feel is very relevant in our world today. Kids now are growing up in a world where they don’t play outside anymore and they can’t keep themslef entertained without some form of technoloy inforont of them. Looking at our school aswell, we are surrounded by social media. Where people with not as many likes can feel asthouhg theyare less than in our society. I do believe social media is a great addition to our societys growth but I also feel that its taking away the one things humand need most, face to face interactions.

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