A Mountain Journey Questions

7 Question
1. He was going on an adventurous journey to Terrace Greek. He also likes to travel and explore. He was out in the wilderness collecting furs from animals because he was a trapper.
2. At McMorran’s Cabin. When he decides not to rest under the tree and not make a fire. He admits himself that it was a mistake.
3. His first mistake was to not stop and make a fire. His second mistake was when his fingers got wet and he decided to keep going. His third mistake was to go to the cabin. It would all have been prevented if he had stopped under the tree.
4. Dave Conroy who is distant from everyone else in the timberland worn out and attempting to discover sanctuary to avert his destruction. He is an experience trapper and is extremely tired after 6 weeks of travelling. It was wintertime mid-February in modern BC in Alberta. A man is in the mountain and he’s is solitude starting episode: when he goes past the ideal tree rising activities: when he falls in the waterway, the house is burned to the ground, he can’t light a fire. When he lays down in the snow was the climax. Falling action: when he starts hallucinating.
5. In wintertime, mid-February, Canada, Northern BC/Alberta he went to divorce a place alone with no one in the water which will affect the character a lot.
6. The symbolic setting at the end could of mean that the heaven is opening their doors for him to go in side the house in Christianity, or it could mean that this is what it could have been when he went later in the month, and finally it could mean nothing but an illusion coming from his brain telling him that he’s so close but so far.
7. “He would travel till he could travel no more”. There’s a rhythm and rhyming in it.” No more swashing under trees” the word swashing was referring to water splashing. “No wind blew, and his breath rose white and yellow before him”. The red sun is referring how warm the sun was after it was freezing cold it is like a sine of relief

A Mountain Journey Vocabulary
1. Eternal p.92: mist, like the shadow of universal darkness on the treeless summit, moved about him, searched every crevice of the mountain land, roamed in great billows, formed in the blindness and suffering of eternal homelessness.
2. Immobility p.93: the rolling alplands, a white sea frozen into weary immobility, became a broken parkland and he made long sweeping turns around clumps of spruce and balsam.
3. Opaque p.93: tears smarted in his eyes and through them he saw the landscape opaque and blurred as though it were vibrating to the speed of his passage.
4. Reverberation p.93: it broke with a low muffled reverberation, startling as if the river had spoken.
5. Momentum p.93: as he looked back, while still sliding forward with the momentum of his descent, the ice broke beneath him.
6. Cadaverous p.94: it was as thought he were engaged in some fantastic pursuit with those ski points always just beyond him, their tight cheeks pulled back into a cadaverous grin.
7. congregated p.95: snow, as if it had garnered light from the day, cast upwards a shadow less glow and Conroy saw close to him the black butts of congregated logs, a corner of the cabin, draped in white, rising lonely as a monument left by a men a hundred years ago.
8. Inundation p.95: it was a though the cabin had subsided into the snow that rose like a slow inundation to cover it.
9. Beggared p.95: a beggared moon from behind a grey rack of clouds wandered in the sky above him, where the fire had leaped from the cabin, stiff, branchless trees, like a parade of skeletons climbing up the mountainside.
10. Filched p.96: he stooped lower still and finally, pressing it between his wrists, filched it out.

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