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We will be starting our new unit today. Check out these helpful links to get you started.

Check this quick video out

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Trigonometry practice test on Monday in class and bring questions to ask.


Today we are starting Trigonometry! YOU WILL NEED A SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR!!



Trigonometric Ratios

Trig. Ratios on a Calculator



1aceg, 2ac, 3ac, 4*, 5, 6ce, 8 – 10, 11*

1ail*, 2def*, 3adefh*, 4aefh*, 5 – 7, 8abcde, (9, 10)*, 11, 14* [8f, 12, 13] 

Here is the plan for the day!

If you are struggling check out Mrs. Burtons Notes: 18B - into to trigonometry-28zd92x

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