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Malnourished Around the World

Today, we are beginning to look at food-related health issues around the world. A lot of these problems are caused by deficiencies in the individual diet, but each related to different issues. Your task is to become the classroom “expert”… Continue Reading →

FN 12 Unit 3 Caffeine & Dim Sum Quiz

Here is a link to the quiz: Unit 3 – Caffeine and Dim Sum Quiz Good luck!

FN12 – A Place at the Table Video Response

Today in class, we are watching the “A Place at Table” movie about hunger and food poverty in the United States. Although the movie is America-centric and some figures/policies are not the same as in Canada, the same issues exist… Continue Reading →

Foods 10 – November 2

Today’s agenda: LAB: Anti-Instant Ramen

Foods 12 – November 2

Today’s agenda: LAB: Eggs Benedict

Foods 12 – November 1

Today’s agenda: DEM: Eggs Benedict + Quick Hollandaise

Foods 10 – November 1

Today’s agenda: CBC Marketplace “Salt” Compare Salt/Fat in Instant Noodles (WS)

Foods 12 – October 31

Happy Halloween!!! Today’s agenda: LAB: Halloween Wacky Cakes (Day 2) Decorating!

Foods 10 – October 31

Happy Halloween!!! Today’s agenda: LAB: Spider Cookies

Foods 10 – October 30

Today’s agenda: LAB: Pumpkin French Toast

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