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Math 10 June 21 2017
Today... One LAST blog post... (sorrynotsorry) List 5 things and explain why they are important to your success in math 10 Could be 5 studying strategies, 5 critical units/lessons, 5 things I should have done... whatever! Course E (More)
Math 10 June 12 2017
Today: Meaningful Monday: meaningful monday (PDF) More)
Math 10 June 9 2017
Today: Factoring and FUN(ction) Friday! Factoring and FUN friday-1l7g1qg More)
Math 10 June 8 2017
Today: Warm up: Download the SAMPLE A practice provincial: Sample A YouTube Playlist (Goes over EVERY question) (More)
Math 10 June 7 2017
Today: Chapter 10: Systems of Linear Equations Lesson 1 and 2: Solving a system by graphing & Number of solutions HW. Lesson 1 and 2 from outline below. [embeddoc url=" (More)
Math 10 June 6 2017
Today: Chapter 8/9 Test! When finished... Study for the final. Work on any of the review material posted. (More)
Math 10 June 5 2017
Today: Mixed up Monday! Mixedup monday M (More)
Math 10 June 2 2017
Today: Factoring Friday! Factoring Friday 4 More)
Initial Graphing Project - Math 10
Part 1 Create your initials using dots on a grid.  Write them in a table of values in the order they should be connected (this can be on a paper or using desmos).  You should have lines with all different slopes (include one that has a slope of ze (More)
Math 10 May 31 2017
Today: Lesson 5: More practice Review: Graphing y=mx+b (Solutions) More)
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