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Rube Goldgerg project
rube goldberg reflexion-EashanB   More)
Rube Goldberg we made reflection and video
 Part A  Research Problem 1. When looking for the spiral we had to go through a lot of videos   Research Problem 2. When thinking of an idea I thought of making a food guillotine, so I look up how to make the knife drop down of the food and it (More)
Self-Reflection of the Power tech Rube Goldberg Machine
Self-Assessment-CC-District-document-PDF-27o3nxm-1cyhyt0 (More)
Toilet paper engine
self reflection
Self Assessment Project (More)
Now is the time
What I can do for the next few years, ten years, and into old age to succeed in life.   Next few years: Be a good student Don't be afraid to take risk and failure Learn the value of money Find good friends that are good influ (More)
Invention Scavenger Hunt 4
Invention Discovery Scavenger Hunt 4 Testing your invention How will you know if your invention will be successful? You have to test it. How will you test it? By asking questions below, and write your answers down below. After you have finishe (More)
Invention Scavenger Hunt 3
Invention Discovery Scavenger Hunt 3 To Market We Go! Turning an invention into a product There are lots of fun ways to find a name for your invention. What does your invention do? What are some of your invention’s parts? Name it after yours (More)
power tech Now is the time
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invention discover scavenger hunt 3
Invention discovery 3 (More)
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