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Week 9 Blog Post
This week has say the least. Though one thing that’s come out of it is that I’ve managed to make an equation from a point on the graph, and this is how: lets say that the point on the graph is (5, 6) you already know you’re y in (More)
Math 10 Core Competency Reflection Jayden Wong
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Core Competency - Numeracy test
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Math 10 Core Competencies
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Core Competencies For Math 10
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MATH10 - Core Competencies
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Week 9 - Math 10 - Rearranging Linear Equations
Rearranging Linear Equations We have now come to the end of week 9 and the end of our unit on equations of linear relations. This means this will be my final blog post of Math 10. There are many different forms of linear equations that can be used. (More)
Week 9 - Math 10 - Finding the Solution of Two Lines
This week in Math 10, the concept that I chose as the most important thing I have learned is finding the solution of two lines. I chose this because prior to this week I didn't know anything about what a solution of two lines meant, so it is new to m (More)
Math 10 (Blog Posts) Core Competency Self Assessment
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summary assignment week 8
This week we started a new math unit on slopes and graphs. So far we have learned many things such as how to calculate the slope of a line, different slopes, different equations, and so much more. Two of the main things that I learned this week are t (More)
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