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Leadership Final
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Foods Studies Competency Reflection
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HCE 9 – English Write
  This is a drawing done by Banksy. I do not know where this was panted but this painting has a lot of meaning. This picture shows that the majority in some cases will pick on the minority. In this case it is visually portraying racism in a w (More)
HCE 9 – English Assignment
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HCE9- English Assignment- The Little Green Bird
'Birds on a Wire' created by Banksy I am Rayna, and this is my English 9 Honours and HCE project. For this assignment, I was given 4 images and tol (More)
HCE English 9
Humans are human’s, that is just what we are. Humans have made mistakes in the past, and will make many more, our failures are the building blocks for our success (More)
My Community Connection
So this is my community connection alternate. I got the volunteer information from this website Volunteer Opportunities | Coquitlam, BC This website shows some volunteer opportu (More)
eggs at home
Breakfast: Egg Salad Sandwich Loaded with a creamy combo of Greek yogurt and hard-boiled eggs, this egg salad recipe stands out with fresh lemon, onion, capers, and dill. More)
Consumable Waste Reflection
1.How much of these foods come in different types of packaging? Bread vegetables cheese ice-cream yoghurt fruit cup noodles Something more... 2. What kind of packing materials are usually used (styrofoam , cardboard , plasti (More)
COL Podcast on The Veldt
Emotionless is a podcast that discusses Ray Bradbury's The Veldt. My partner, Kyra, and I go in depth and analyze the themes and issues that arise in this short story, and make connections to the world and the characters in The Veldt. recorded on: (More)
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