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The Emotional Manipulation of Cult Indoctrination - English 11 Culminating Project
A Brief Introduction  For my culminating project this quarter I have chosen to investigate how cults--specifically their leaders--are able to gain control over the beliefs of their followers. I'm sure that many of us have always found it impossible (More)
Lit Circle Theme Park - Domenique Richard
Here is our brochure and theme park map: [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google"] [embeddoc url=" (More)
Theme Park Project - Red Rising
Rise-Topia by Adam S   [embeddoc url="https://my (More)
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Red Rising Theme Park Project
Brief Introduction In English class lit circles, we read Red Rising. After finishing the book, we were told to create theme parks that reflect our book. We created Rise-Topia and the rides/shows/characters within it. Our aim was to clearly reflect t (More)
Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11 Core Competency Reflection
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CSSC 2021 Competition with Ammarah
- This project was out of school - This is a marketing pitch idea presentation or a case study on Indigo Chapters. PPT: [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewe (More)
Student Iniciative Grant Reflection- Care Packages for Those in Need
Who are we and what's our inspiration behind our project? Our names are Breelyn, Jalene, Jannea, and Veniça and we are in grades eleven and twelve at Riverside Secondary. We are in the Independent Studies Leadership Class which consists of students (More)
Lit circle info graph Red Rising
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