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1.I think care for me is about feeling do not have to be reaction you don't have to do anything because sometimes you cannot do anything about it. For example, when I was 9 years old I know my grandad have  a cancer but I cannot do anything about it (More)
Care Ethics
How do you define an ethic of care May oppose justice Some sort of personal/emotional connectiom/relationship What would be needed to create the etjic of care Some sort of experience with the person or thing where you develop an att (More)
Earthquake study
Location: Nepal (April 25th, 2015) Magnitude: 7.8 Effect (liquefaction, tsunami, aftershocks, numbers affected): -Triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest killing 21 people -Many Nepalese villages flattened  resulting in hundreds of th (More)
Earthquake case study presentation
Location: Haiti and the Dominican Republic Magnitude: 7.0 Effects (liquefaction, tsunami, aftershocks, numbers affected): -230,000 people were killed, another 300,000 were injured. -Displaced 1.5m people -$7.8b of damage -300,00 (More)
San Francisco 1906
1906 San Francisco Magnitude: 7.7-7.9 Ignited several fires around the city that burned for three days and destroyed nearly 500 city blocks.  The earthquake and fires killed an estimated 3,000 people and left half of the city's 400,000 resident (More)
Climate and us
this is an image of a man walking through the town of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on January 19, 2019. This pollution in the photo is caused by the people trying to (More)
Climate and Us
Where: Maldives When: October 17, 2009 This image is taken underwater showing Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture Dr. Ibrahim Didi sign the decree (More)
Climate and Us
City of Minot, Dakota. United states of America. On June 25. In the image we can see a full covered stop sign with water flood. As previously shown  countries with the lowest (More)
Climate Change
Estonia Poland (More)
Reading Weather
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