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Where I'm From Poem Presentation & Core Competency Reflection
If you have not completed your core competency reflection, please do it now and tag with the cc you used creativethinkingcc communicationcc criticalthinkingcc socialresponsibilitycc personalidentitycc personalawarenesscc​ If (More)
Final Friday Poetry Quiz & Where I'm From Poem
silent reading to start Poetry Terminology Quiz Finish the rest of Lit Project Presentations Poetry Package-Where I'm From Poem-due Monday We will look at my example, and some other student ones You will be turning this into a visu (More)
Lit Circle Project Presentations, Personification Poem, & Core Competency Reflection
Please ensure your project is posted on your blog with the tag: litproject & category English 9 You should be working on your personification poem also Core Competency reflection: you can use this project as your artifact, or look at the en (More)
Identity & Remembrance Day Virtual Assembly
silent reading-15 min Poetry- you should have completed Questions 1-6 for the poem, "Identity" for home work last night Question 7- Freedom vs Entrapment Poem Pair Work-Using the poems by Gwendolyn Brooks and Langston Hughes, compare the (More)
Poetry 9 Terminology
Please check out the new "poetry" folder on teams, everything you need is there. Silent reading Poetry Quiz on these terms Thursday [embeddoc url="" downloa (More)
Lit Circle Final Project Work Block
This is your final work block for your project that is due next Thursday, November 12th I would like to have an in class share out on Thursday of the projects Please hand in your final set on notes on teams Make sure commas quiz is compl (More)
Lit Circle Project Work Block
silent reading or finish commas Update your project choice on forms We will look at a few more examples Lit Circle Notes and reflection due Literary Element Log due tomorrow (More)
Lit Circles Section 8: The Ultimate Discussion!
Good morning everyone, here is what you will be working on today, Tuesday, November 3rd Silent reading or No Red Ink-15 min Finish off your final role for the end of the book-check in with group and let me know approximately what time you wil (More)
Lit Circles: Section 8 Theme
silent reading-15 min Discussion #7 Literary Element-theme Finish the book! [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="microsoft"] Plan for a discus (More)
Lit Circles Section 7: Motif
Good morning everyone, here is what you will be working on today: Hallowe'en costume contest-the person with the best costume will go to the top of the main staircase for the individual costume.  We will be voting on the best teacher costume via (More)
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