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Who am I? Final Inquiry Project
How do words affect our identity? How can gossip and slander change the way we view ourselves? This monologue in the style of a spoken word written and performed by Sophia Pollock attempts to unpack these questions. Who am I? The mirror, chat (More)
Theme Park and Presentation
I worked on the brochure, all the information my group members had, were given to me, where I then put it into a canvas. It was fairly easy and thought it turned out good. I looked at brochures my mom has collected from her travels and used them as a (More)
The Book Thief Theme Park
While working on the theme park i put the brochure together and i also did lots of the descriptions for the shows and i helped with the descriptions for the rides. While we were working on the project, i feel that Domenique, Hailey and I did most of (More)
The Emotional Manipulation of Cult Indoctrination - English 11 Culminating Project
A Brief Introduction  For my culminating project this quarter I have chosen to investigate how cults--specifically their leaders--are able to gain control over the beliefs of their followers. I'm sure that many of us have always found it impossible (More)
Lit Circle Theme Park - Domenique Richard
Here is our brochure and theme park map: [embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google"] [embeddoc url=" (More)
Theme park - literary circle - Handmaids Tale - English 11
In this literary circle I dived into the complicated and eerie plot of Handmaids Tale novel by Margaret Atwood. She has portrayed controversial ideas and societal beliefs about oppression. She pushed our limits of imagination allowing us to debate ou (More)
Fight Club Theme Park
fight club (1) (1) (1)[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google"] (More)
Red Rising Lit Circle Blog Post
Brochure:"> Map (More)
Gilead Theme Park - Keira Sandrin
I contributed in a few ways for my group project. The main job I was assigned for my group was to create the merchandise for the theme park. For my assigned part I wrote the details of each item with the prices, how it relates to the story and found (More)
English Theme Park Reflection
[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google"]   More)
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