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Welcome to my blog
Hello, I'm Eunsoo. I'm form Seoul, South Korea. If you want some more information about the geography of Korea, click HERE There are many places to travel in Korea. If (More)
The Lady and the Tigger Ending
The Lady and the Tigger Ending             The ending of the story of “The Lady or the Tiger” by Frank is Stockton is going to be the peasant marrying the lady. The man picked the door on the right because he knows that the princess loves him that s (More)
Keesh Summary
In the story "Keesh", Keesh was a thirteen years old boy who lives in a small village with his mother. His father died during hunting. But no one remembers that. They are being bad to Keesh and his mom. They forced them to live in the poorest igloo a (More)
The Lady or The Tiger
The Lady or The Tiger At the end of the story “The Lady or The Tiger”. The narrator didn’t tell us what is slave’s choice. So we need to imagine that would come out, is the young lady or the tiger. First, we need to think about the princess. She l (More)
Poem Music-1dsek9o (More)
creative writing
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Paragraph comparing "Giving Tree" and "Seven Pounds"
SIMILARITIES                                                                       DIFFERENCES                                           1. charitable                                                  1.Ben had lost his wife and he feels guilty that (More)
How are the giving tree and seven pounds similar/different?
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Similar Different 1.They both giving. 1.The tree is giving to one person but the seven pounds is giving to seven persons. 2.Unselfish 2.The tree is giving because of the boy because he thinks they are good friends but the Seven pou (More)
personal poem assignment
Them I stand by the window, The round moon high up the sky. Whether they and I look at the same round moon, Whether they and I watch the same sky.   I stand by the window, Many stars twinkling in the sky. Whether they are wish (More)
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