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Digital Footprint
Photo by Marina Abrosimova from Pexels How might your digital footprint (More)
Community Connection Alternate - What is the volunteer opportunity that you are researching in your community? I am researching a volunteer career for building houses (More)
Chemistry in My World
Science COL Project Part UNO A few days back, my partner and I decided to do the project on a gaming mouse, specifically the Logitech G203 and these are some questions we had.   What is the Logitech G203 made out of? The Logitech (More)
Computer Science.
1 Question : what are when can i learn it can i learn  it in grade 9 Question :  what kind of jobs i can do with it Question : Is computer science a good career Question : What is a degree in computer science   More)
What questions did you need to research in order to create your sway? How was soccer invented?, Where does Soccer comes from?, What are the rules of soccer?, Where was the first soccer game was played?, Who invented Soccer?, How did they came up w (More)
                                                                   Copper what color is copper?: Copper is a red-orange metallic luster.  This is something very unique about the metal because it is one of the only metals of the periodic table (More)
Community Connections (Alternate) More)
community connection alternate
Volunteer-social media writer, this volunteer opportunity is all about writing for socials media accounts, an example would be the people who write tweets or reply to tweets or write captions for Mdonalds or a clothing brand. the reason its so imp (More)
part two (More)
Community Connection Alternate
Volunteering - City of Port Coquitlam -The Volunteering and Employment are in the same link   -What is the volunteer opportunity that you are researching in your commun (More)
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