Week 7- Factoring polynomials

What I learned- This week I learned how to factor binomials and trinomials through a process of multiple steps.

What is factoring?- Factoring is when you reduce all the coefficiants, terms, constants etc. to the point where they can not be reduced any longer.

Factoring Binomials and trinomials-

  1. Determine if there is a Great Common Factor- If there is you can divide the number by the GCF and place the GCF on the outside of the bracket (Works with Coefficiants as well as variables)
  2. Determine if the numbers in the equation (all of them) are perfect squares- As well as the last term must be negative or use subtraction. Use the conjugate technique.

Factoring trinomials uses the same steps as Binomials except you add a term- In a simple trinomial the first term will always be X multiplied with X which will equal {x^2} . Then you must find two multiples of the third term that can be added together to equal the second term- For example if it was 10x+21, the multiples of 21 are 7 and 3- 7+3 equals 21. These two numbers would be split into 2 sets of brackets along with the 2 x’s. So it would end up looking like (x+7)(x+3).

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