About Alexander

Extracurricular activities:

I am a part of several LGBTQ+ youth groups, we focus on supporting each other but also just reminding ourselves that we are normal people and hangout.

I played PoCo Soccer for 10 years and was the captain of my team for several years, this included the responsibility of running drills during our practices and weekly games, as well as motivating my teammates.


I have multiple self directed hobbies such as photography, digital and traditional illustration, and writing poetry as well as free writing.

Education & Academic Achievements:

Many of my teachers have encouraged me to attend honors classes because of my depth and outstanding work.

I attended the MACC Program for gifted children in need of a larger challenge.

For my six years of elementary school I was enrolled in French immersion and continue to practice my French speaking skills.

I took part in Riverside’s Spring Spoken Word Festival and came first in my grade with my slam poem Sugar.


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