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Innovation Project Blog Post

for our group project we chose electronic wings, there have been similar inventions such as a water jetpack. for this project i think we all worked evenly for this project as of contributing ideas. for the presentation we had our prototype with us and talked about and explained our device to show evidence. we showed strengths of our project and how it can help to reduce traffic and save energy and reduce polluting on the earth. i think we should’ve done more research on similar devices to the one that we wanted to create to help us understand and improve our project. something that i liked about this innovation is that it was more far fetched than other groups. we wanted to be creative and choose something that has little research, but is also very possible to achieve. during this process i learned that you really have to think as a group on how you can improve your project and how you learn to work in a group.

DNA Model


once you understand how each of the parts function you can understand how they are put together. The gene is the idea or the blueprint. DNA is the language or the way genes are written down. Chromosomes are structures that cells use to organize their DNA for cell division. Chromosomes typically contain thousands of genes, written in DNA, there are a few situations where genes are written in something other than DNA, like the RNA of viruses and the proteins of prions, but none of these are universally regarded as alive.

licorice= sugar/phosphate backbone

the marshmallows represent the 4 chemical bases in DNA

guanine (G)= green marshmallow

cytosine (C)= pink marshmallow

adenine (A)=yellow marshmallow

thymine(T)=orange marshmallow

3. this activity helped with understanding DNA because the colour of the marshmallow helps you understand which of the chemical bases go together and the licorice which represents the backbone shows how without it the whole structure would fall apart.


Plant & Animal Cells

1.the plant cell looks like a brick wall with the cell wall

2.round, you can only see the nucleus aswell.

3. because the plant cell is onion and because of that it has a pinkish colour. the animal cell is harder to see because it is smaller, so we used the blue dye to make it more noticeable

4.i learned about the difference between plant and animal cells and how you can tell where the nucleus and the other structures in the cell.

project proposal



this is our idea for dragons den project (angelina, quinn and i)


There is always traffic on the roads, or construction which backs up the roads. If you have wings, then you can escape the wait on the roads.


The only solution with currently could be building more roads, but that just causes more construction, therefore creating more traffic and that is a vicious cycle


here we have a design for our idea. the red is the actual wings, the green is the back support, but could also be where the circuit board is. the orange are the straps, and then the antenna connects to the remote control, and that is how it flies. there could be a modification where there is a joystick of some sort on the straps, since our skills are limited and don’t know how to connect a controller to a separate object.


You would most likely need to use parallel in this, since there are multiple sections needed for electricity, and not just 1 circle.

Static Electricity


rubbing together the 2 materials and testing for static charge in the static discovery lab showed us how the charged object would react when we rubbed it on the electroscope and how strongly it would react, most of the objects didn’t have that much of a reaction depending on what it was and why.

the three most important things that we learned in the static electricity unit were

1- atoms + subatomic particles

2.  conductors/ insulators

3- we learned the different ways to produce static charge