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Sam The Athete

Sam the athlete

What happens when a boy is mistaken for a girl on a co ed team? The book is called Sam the athlete and the author is Stuart McLean. A boy named Sam is starting middle school and wants to be a part of a team. Although, Sam was not the best at sports he discovered a sport called field hockey and felt very welcomed on the team, he discovered that it was an all-girls team and they were all wearing skirts so he figured that he had to wear one too. Later on in the story Sam finds out that the team is co ed and he is the only boy but he still wants to continue to wear the skirt.  Sam should be allowed to dress however he wants and not be judged for it Sam should wear the skirt because he felt the most confident and important when he was wearing it. The field hockey team and the coach welcomed Sam to the team and he felt accepted. He should be able to wear the skirt not because he is gay or transgender but just because he wants to fit in with the rest of the team, since Sam was given a skirt from the start so that was what he was used to even though he was given the option to wear pants, he felt as though the skirt represented his confidence and strength.