DNA Model


once you understand how each of the parts function you can understand how they are put together. The gene is the idea or the blueprint. DNA is the language or the way genes are written down. Chromosomes are structures that cells use to organize their DNA for cell division. Chromosomes typically contain thousands of genes, written in DNA, there are a few situations where genes are written in something other than DNA, like the RNA of viruses and the proteins of prions, but none of these are universally regarded as alive.

licorice= sugar/phosphate backbone

the marshmallows represent the 4 chemical bases in DNA

guanine (G)= green marshmallow

cytosine (C)= pink marshmallow

adenine (A)=yellow marshmallow

thymine(T)=orange marshmallow

3. this activity helped with understanding DNA because the colour of the marshmallow helps you understand which of the chemical bases go together and the licorice which represents the backbone shows how without it the whole structure would fall apart.


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