April 2017 archive

project proposal



this is our idea for dragons den project (angelina, quinn and i)


There is always traffic on the roads, or construction which backs up the roads. If you have wings, then you can escape the wait on the roads.


The only solution with currently could be building more roads, but that just causes more construction, therefore creating more traffic and that is a vicious cycle



here we have a design for our idea. the red is the actual wings, the green is the back support, but could also be where the circuit board is. the orange are the straps, and then the antenna connects to the remote control, and that is how it flies. there could be a modification where there is a joystick of some sort on the straps, since our skills are limited and don’t know how to connect a controller to a separate object.


You would most likely need to use parallel in this, since there are multiple sections needed for electricity, and not just 1 circle.