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Biology 12: Case Study

The Grinch is a bitter, grouchy, cave-dwelling creature with
a heart “two sizes too small” who lives on snowy Mount Crumpit,
a steep high mountain north of Whoville, home of warm-hearted Whos.
1. DYSPNEA is one of the Grinch’s symptoms. This is rapid breathing.
a. Would his heart rate be fast or slow? Explain your choice (2 marks)
It would be fast because the body is desperately trying to get more oxygen to the blood cells.

b. To increase the amount of blood going to his lungs, one side of his heart would strengthen. What side (the left or the right) would this happen? Explain your choice (2 marks)

The right side of his heart would strengthen because that is the side that pushes blood to the lungs and then to the left side.
2. Sphygmomanometer reading of the Grinch reads 150/60. (3 marks)
a. What does the 150 mean?
This is the systolic blood pressure for when the blood is being contracted

b. What does the 60 mean?
This is thedystolic blood pressure for when the vessels are relaxed.

c. If the Grinch were a human would he classified as having HYPERTENSION? Explain!
Yes the normal range for blood pressure is around 120/80.

3. Carrying out an ElectroCardioGram (ECG) you note the Grinch’s heart rate.
a. What would you expect to find? Explain why it is (fast/slow)
I would expect to find that the interval between tick marks is a lot smaller than normal, this is because the heart is beating a lot faster than normal and the blood cells don’t stay in the lungs long enough to get a lot of oxygen.

b. How are the ECG and Sphygmomanometer related? Or aren’t they? Explain.
They are not related very closely. The ECG measures heart rate whereas the Sphygmomanometer measures blood pressure.

4. The Grinch has red eyes. Do you think this is an error? Should they be blue? Expalin your answer! (2 marks)
Hypertension can lead to the Grinch having red eyes. This is because all the tiny blood vessels in the eyes burst leading to bleeding in the eye.

5. The Grinch’s feet & legs are swollen so you prescribe a diuretic (water pill) to reduce his swelling. But first you take a sample of Grinch’s blood and spin it to separate the plasma and formed elements.
a. What would you expect the % of plasma and formed elements to be? Explain your answer.
I would expect the % of plasma and formed elements to be abnormal with a higher percentage of plasma because of the increased heart rate.

Visual Poetry Project


“A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns is a love ballad written in 1794 in Burns’ native Scots dialect. The poem has four stanzas each with four lines and with a rhyme scheme of ABCB. The longer lines are in iambic tetrameter while the shorter ones are iambic trimester.  Throughout the poem there are examples of similes and alliteration. The first stanza’s images and video try to evoke a sense of young, fresh, harmonious love between Burns and his lover, featuring a short clip of a young boy serenading a young girl with a guitar.  The second stanza shows how much Burns loves the lass. He says she is as beautiful as he has love for her. He also says he will love her “Till a’ the seas gang dry”, meaning he will love her until the seas are dry which is meant to say he will love her forever. The infinity symbol with the heart represents his infinite love for her, while the rough Scottish waves are meant to show the timelessness of the sea and by comparison the timelessness of his love for her. The third stanza says again that he will love her until the seas dry out. He also says that he will love her until “… the rocks melt wi’ the sun”, again trying to show how infinite his love for her is. The image for this is a sunset meant to bring to mind the eternal sun melting rocks slowly. By saying he will love her “While the sands o’ life shall run”, he is saying how as long as there is life he will love her. The clock in the sand is meant to represent the ever present threat of time, but also the eternity that is time.  The fourth stanza does not focus on how much he loves her but instead tell the lass that even though he has to leave he wishes her well and that he will come back even if he has to travel ten thousand miles. The first image represents marriage to show how devoted they are to each other. The last two images are two lovers embracing, this is meant to show how even though they must be apart they will be together and happy again. The song in the background is La Vie en Rose covered by Daniela Andrade and is to showcase the pureness and timelessness of the poem’s love story.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Randle Patrick McMurphy


Passion Project: June

As my first year of tech team comes to an end I would like to reflect on my passion “project” and the class as a whole. I really enjoyed helping out with the class especially at the pro d day and the bootcamp but I feel like my passion project direction was really unclear thus nothing got done. In the end Lizzy and I only presented once at a staff meeting in October and while I feel like that did help, unfortunately I found it challenging to take the initiative to go further and do more. For the class, overall it was fun but i feel like it could benefit from a few less people and more generalised jobs.

Passion Project: February

With the new semester I was really hoping for a chance to get to use my device and edublog more so I could be helpful. I am definitely using my device more but I feel some teachers are still not embracing the good parts of edublog. Some are and that is great but for Riverside to truly continue on as a digital school students need consistency and so far that has not happened. i haven’t done anything for my project since November and i feel like the project direction is really unclear.

Passion Project: January

I am finding this project very challenging because it is hard to organise things to talk about at the staff meetings. As well keeping my motivation up while my partner is gone at work experience is hard. Not much progress has been made this month but i am feeling optimistic for the upcoming semester.

Passion Project: November

The problems I might run into is being able to get people together for each staff meeting. I might also run out of ideas and things to present and ways to present them. The skills  I need for this project is confidence in presenting, and knowledge of the things I am presenting. I need to be able to fully understand the programs and be able to find new things to present each time. I’m worried that I will not be prepared enough but will go talk in front of the teachers anyway.

Passion Project: October

The aspects of my project that are challenging is all the time I spend having to try to find people that are available to present. I also think it is challenging that I need to find ways to make things interesting.I have learnt that teachers get really interested in technology when they are being shown how much students like using it and how much potential they have. Edublogs takes a while to get used to but after our presentation I noticed a lot more teachers using it. The parts of my project that are working is that I am helping the teachers become more interested in technology.


0365 Review

I think Office 365 can be very beneficial to the students at Riverside, if used correctly, especially ones using laptops. When looking at all the different devices I think that Office 365 would be the most successful with laptops because it is easier to log in to. I really enjoy the fact that it doesn’t take up any storage space on my device.  The fact that I can access it online is a major bonus, however I am worried about how effective it would be at school when the internet is slow. I don’t use it very often because logging on and having consistent internet takes too long.

Poem’s Perspectives

Poem 1: I Know Where I’m Going
The poem “I Know Where I’m Going” tells the story of a woman dreaming of her future. She plans on having fancy clothing and a feather bed but she would leave it all for her love Johnny. The opening paragraph starts with the line “I know where I’m going,” and ends with the line “But the dear knows who I’ll marry.” and repeating the theme throughout. This poem offers the perspective of someone who knows what is expected of them and what they should do but are conflicted by what they want to do.

Poem 2: The Hitchhiker
This poem talks about a hitchhiker going from sea to sea and wherever the wind takes them. This poem offers the perspective of someone who doesn’t know where they’re going but doesn’t really care. It speaks about going to places ranging from the “great concrete arcs” to being in Alberta “among the trees”. This hitchhiker says they feel “safe with strangers
in a moving car” which speaks to how they feel they can handle whatever comes at them.

I agree with the perspective of The Hitchhiker more, mostly because I really like the idea of going with the flow and being able to deal with whatever life throws at you. I don’t want to know where I’m going in life but I like to think that I could handle anything life throws at me.

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