Week 8 of math 10

In math this week we started polynomials, at first I completely forgot how to solve them. But after we learned about it a little bit, I remembered it and now it’s a lot easier. To break it down all you have to do is combine like terms.



Week 7 in math 10

This week in math we learned about trigonometry. When I saw the name for this unit I was terrified until we learned our first lesson. It is really easy to learn, you just need to know how to label and SOH CAH TOA. Trigonometry looks hard at first but after you learn it, it’s pretty simple. Here are some examples of questions that look hard but they are really simple.

Example #1

Example #2

Examle #3

How Does One Help a Child Cope in Times of Hardship?

In the poem, “What Do you Remember of the Evacuation,” by Joy Kogawa, a little six year old girl was told that she was going on a vacation but the truth was her and and her family needed to evacuate. Because the Canadiens wanted to get rid of the Asians because they kind of felt the same way that the Nazis did about the Jews, communists, etc. But she soon found out that this was true and she felt different about this ‘vacation.’ She is six years old in this poem and her parents would say anything to keep her happy and out of trouble.

One way one can help a child is by giving them comfort in times of hardship, “I remember my mother wrapping a blanket around me.”(line 5, 6) By giving a child something for comfort is one of the best ways to calm one down or to help cope in times of hardship. I feel this is a great way because it would give them something to hold on to. I also feel that if a little girl has something to comfort her it would help her more than if you just give her a little stuffed animal.

Another way to is by giving them things to distract them from what’s really going on, “I remember Miss Foster and Miss Tucker… Who gave me a puzzle on the train.”(line 20, 24) By giving them something to distract them is the best way to help a child cope in times of hardship. Because if their minds aren’t thinking about what’s really going on, they would be having a good time. If they’re having a good time then that’s the greatest thing for a child because they’re happy and all children need is happiness. One can help a child cope in times hardship by giving them something(a puzzle) to take their mind off what’s really going on.


I did awesome on connecting my answer to my inquiry question.

I need to improve on clarity of writing and style!

Week 6 in math 10

This week was honestly a tough week in math, I had struggles throughout the week but I managed. Something that I learned that was difficult at first but with a little bit of help, made it better, was pointy shapes(pyramids not cones). I had troubles finding the SA and the V , also finding a measurement while you have the V.



Milestones’s dishes have exquisite taste and there’s a lot of heart going into their meals.

Milestones Bar and Grill is a restaurant that makes people want to come back every night with their crazy enthusiasm and their great service. The atmosphere of this restaurant is exquisite, because when people enter through the front doors they see the dim lighting and the calm hostesses. They only hear the sizzling of the patties cooking on the grill and the families and couples making conversation as they chow down on there exquisite meal. You think it’s a peaceful place, while it is, the waiters and waitresses are always so kind and they ask you how your finding your meal. Tasty or could we add something? And everyone around, so calm, makes it an enjoyable meal to eat. The walls are so beautiful with there interesting designs and their descriptive paintings. But there meals are the best part about this restaurant. Beginning with a starter with a variety of choices including their coconut calamari and there buttery popcorn shrimp which is actually filled with popcorn. Then you move on to the mains where you can get juicy steak or moist hamburgers that leave grease all over your fingers, it makes you want to lick them. Or even saucy pastas which taste like an explosion of flavour in you mouth. The salty fries on the side make the meal because they taste amazing with every bite, and to top it all off, a nice cold beverage from a wide variety of sodas and juices. But for the adult’s their newly brewed beer and wine to leave you wanting more. While all of this sounds delicious, the price of it is actually reasonable because it’s made with real meat or freshly caught squid for the calamari. A moist hamburger is around $15.00 and you get a side and a drink. At McDonalds you’d get that for $10.00 but that place is fattening. The saucy pastas are around the same with $17.00 but you get a huge portion. The succulent steaks are around $22.00 but the steaks are massive: 10oz of pure meat. This place is great because of the atmosphere but even greater because of the food!


First They Came For…

Adapted from the poem by Martin Niemoller “Firts They Came for the Jews” in response to the poem “Danger of silence.”

First they came for the Negros

and I did not speak out

because I was not a Negro

Then they came for the Muslims

and I did not speak out

because I was not a homosexual

Then they came for the transgenders

and I did not speak out

because I was not a transgender

Now when will they come for me

because I was too busy or too apathetic

to defend my sisters and brothers?

Week 4 in math 10

This week in math 10 I learned about something that will help me out in the future which is scientific notation. It will help out with science next year because obviously we will use it. I chose this subject thus week because of the fact that it will help out in the future. Here are a few example of scientific notation.