Miss Brill

Human behaviour is a touchy subject that we all face in our day to day lives. Us as a species are so different from one another, yet behave in such similar ways as a collective. A lot of people like to blame others actions for for the social fallbacks they face in their lives, but yet, themselves are just as guilty as anyone else. In the story “Miss Brill” the protagonist also named Miss Brill, strolls around her during afternoon off, eavesdropping and tuning into the private lives of others. She is quick to make judgements on others such as noticing the derelict condition of a once profound ermine toque. From person to person she makes quick judgements all based on behaviour, and she doesn’t fully understand in depth what those people are like. However, when the tables are turned and she overheard herself get judges by a young couple near her, she is devastated. It utterly crushed her sense of self respect, and goes home sad to sit in a dark room, and sulk. This is ironic because she put out the same energy that she got in return, and is no better than anyone else.