Character Monologues – “Death of a Salesman”

I am Willy Loman. The most notable salesman across the whole eastern seaboard. When I walk into my clients office they know I mean business, and they love me for my backbone. I can sell whatever I want with ease, and customers will flock to me like a heard of sheep. It’s only a matter of time before my boss comes to his senses and sees everything I have to offer and get a big promotion. Then I will show everybody what it means to be Willy Loman. I don’t need a fancy diamond mine to be great, I may have missed a great opportunity but I am resilient. I get it my own way, I make my own name, I am born and bred to face adversity. I wish my damn son could be the same Biff never seems to make sense of the points I try to get across to him.